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If you say the word ‘New York City’ to people, it conjures up all sorts of images – theaters, museums, restaurants, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Broadway, tourism, subways As a city, New York is packed with things to do and it’s also a major business and financial district. This diversity and intensity of issues surrounding it has led to it becoming a very popular topic for websites, with literally thousands of sites dedicated to NYC. From government websites to tourist sites, there’s something for everything related to New York.

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What Is .NYC?

First there were domains ending in .com, .net and .org. After sometime country code top level domains became available. There are also other top level domains that have been available such as the .biz and .info websites.
The new top level domains refer to those that will be brand and community specific. ICANN planned to have suffixes for each city. Individuals who target residents of particular cities can opt to use suffixes like .berlin, .paris, .nyc and the like. There will also be top level domains that will be specific when it comes to brand (e.g. .sony) or interest (e.g. .music and .film).