The Website Address for New York City is Here! Own It NYC!

Own It NYC ! – .NYC is the Official New York City Web Address

New York City Residents and Businesses can Apply to own Your.NYC Address during the Priority Landrush Phase

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What is .NYC ?

.NYC is the new website domain address ending for New Yorkers.  Beginning now, New York City businesses and residents can apply to own website names will be possible, like : www.Tickets.NYC, www.catering.nyc, www.walkingtours.nyc, NewDots.NYC, bestchinese.nyc YourBusiness.NYC, YourName,NYC, Most  Anything.NYC is possible.

Citizens and enterprises located in NYC can choose a web address ending with .NYC and associate themselves with this great city through an exclusive .nyc website address provided they meet the .NYC Nexus Policy requirements.

The hottest domain is set to hit the streets of the virtual world. That’s right. From Battery Park to Central Park, from FAO Schwartz to The Plaza Hotel, you will soon be able to keep company with your most treasured NYC haunts by getting your own .NYC domain.

Why Choose New Dots® .NYC?

Own It .NYC

Your website ending with .nyc exclusively distinguishes Your site as Authentic New York City. Because only genuine New York City residents and businesses can own a .nyc website address, .nyc will be held to a higher standard.(see .nyc nexus plan). Using a .NYC domain name will instantly instill a sense of assurance with visitors that your business is located in New York.

Get Found

Your audience is people that live in, work in, looking to visit, or just love New York City! Form a bond with your New York City people by declaring your connection, your passion to this great city. Using a .NYC address sends a strong signal to Google, Bing and Yahoo about where you are located, improving local search visibility.

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